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Human Resources

In strategy implementation of enterprises, the organizational structure is the foundation, and the human resources management is the soul.

  • Human Resource Management Essence
  •   1、Understand human nature
    2、Respect human nature
    3、People foremost
  • Strategy
  •   People are living resources of an enterprise. An innovative thinking and an open attitude are appreciated to treat employees and talents. A good ecological environment is necessary to provide for talents. Liberty and right to choose a job should be strictly respected. Completely understanding internal needs of talents, satisfaction and loyalty will be gained from the talents.
  • Fundamentality
  •   Human resource management is exactly strategic resources for enterprises and responsible for realizing goals.
  • Structure
  •   Based on long-term plans, core values, development strategies and self-cultural characteristics, a 5P strategy (i.e., philosophy, policies, programs, practices, and process) is adopted, with human resource planning, selection and employment, salary management, performance assessment, and training, to establish a professional management and development structure.
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